Julia A. A. B. Ministries is a ministry that the Holy Spirit has led for Julia to start in order to write prophetically and to minister as intercessor and prayer warrior. She intercedes with the leading of the Holy Spirit according to the needs and burden the LORD has placed upon her for those she intercedes for. Some of these burdens include the United States of America – the nation that she lives in, China – the nations she grew up, her birth nation, martyrs, families of martyrs and the persecuted in the nations, other End Time prophets to fulfill Joel 2:28, churches in her area and families that she has been called to pray for.

Julia was anointed by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in a spiritual experience before she was born. And then again at age one, while saving her from falling into an un-walled well. At age seven, Jesus came in the spirit to push her away from a speeding car, and saving her life the second time. She was born into a Muslim family. But Jesus revealed Himself all of her life, until He finally completed His special revelation in her life when she was 22. By then, she had already left Islam, but she was wandering around in the idea of agnosticism and atheism, thinking that maybe God is just not for her (The LORD is my Deliverer).

After Jesus saved her at age 22, she dramatically changed her life, and publicly shared her testimony to her family, which led to their cutting her off of the family and family’s wealth and network and dismissed her as a failure and a curse (The LORD is my El Shaddai, Matt 10:37, 19:29 and Mark 10:29).

God has other plans, however. He raised her to be spiritually strong despite all of the humiliation, giving up of wealth, economic struggles and other challenges. The LORD revealed Himself to her in such a way that she understood even though she has lost pretty much everything that means a lot to her in the world, she has gained everything that is to gain in Jesus (Psalm 18:1-3 – The LORD is my Refuge and Stronghold, Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:25, Hebrews 11:1).

Jesus is the treasure in the field in her life. The Kingdom of God and Heaven is the investment she has secured by the Blood of the Lamb and by the principles promised by the Word of God. That when others race to achieve worldly achievements, she is glad to give up those ‘little wins’ and deliberately do not compete so she would not be distracted from focusing on her race for the imperishable crown that Paul discussed in 1 Corinthians 9:24-25. No matter the costs and limited opinions of others.

That though the enemy has sought to steal, kill and destroy pretty much everything that she has worked hard for – sometimes even with double the effort or triple the effort that others worked for and still with no reward, she knows this is because the table is prepared for her in front of her enemies (spiritual), and that the oil over her head is overflowing in Heaven, and that the LORD is her Shepherd according to Psalm 23.

The LORD has called Julia to share her testimony publicly, and He promised her that one day she would share her testimony in large crowds in order that the LORD maybe glorified. Julia has shared her testimony at three church groups in Wichita, Kansas and three groups of large conferences held in St. Louis, Missouri, Atlanta, Georgia and Columbus, Ohio. Her testimony is a message of a living manifestation of the things described in the Old Testament and New Testament, so the world maybe reminded that what happened in the Old and New Testaments can happen today in our very lives and that the LORD may choose us to testify the elements of His Word however He pleases.

Julia has always operated in a non-denominational, multi-denominational and interdenominational walk with Jesus. Her first home church was a nondenominational church with oversight from or affiliations with Southern Baptist, Evangelical, Lutheran, and Pentecostal/Assembly of God churches. Today, she has affiliations with all the above, as well as Vineyard churches. She knows that God is working to uniting the Body as a whole and to refine the dross out of the silver (Proverbs 25:4). And that there is a new change that she has witnessed – Charismatics being opening up to wisdom beyond the prophetic and Liturgical/Conservatives opening up to the prophetic work of the Holy Spirit.

Julia also taught Christian worldview science subjects at Christian schools and served as a Sunday school teacher at a church she attended.

This year, the LORD has led her to put on the prophetic mantle and write prophetically over the nations to prepare for the Return of the Savior – Now as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and so the world may know that the LORD is the LIVING GOD, the Alpha and Omega and the GREAT I AM.