Be Alert, We Are Now In High Watch Times!

I have been extremely busy for the last three years, after meeting my husband whom the Lord has specifically set apart for me and I for him and getting married to him. I had wanted to write more since the last post but I have just been extremely busy with taking care of my family, [...]

Rapture Is Near, Be Ready

If you know you are right with God, and you believe that Jesus is Lord and Savior in your heart and you confess as such in your heart, you need not worry and this message is not for you. But if you or your loved one is a professed Christian, maybe attends church or not, [...]

The Days of Elijah

Last year, the year 2020 begun when Australia's wildfires had destroyed a large portion of the nation's rainforest and other natural habitats. Then in the United States the COVID-19 is declared a national emergency followed by many apocalyptic events that scaled up to biblical proportions. As if it was the modern version of the Ten [...]

The True Symbol of the Beast

The number 666 has always been associated with the Beast of Revelation, False Prophet and/or the Anti-Christ. Movies such as The Omen and others have depicted 666 as the symbol that the Revelation of John in the Bible describe as the "number of man". But what did John, presuming he is the one who wrote [...]