The True Symbol of the Beast

The number 666 has always been associated with the Beast of Revelation, False Prophet and/or the Anti-Christ. Movies such as The Omen and others have depicted 666 as the symbol that the Revelation of John in the Bible describe as the “number of man”. But what did John, presuming he is the one who wrote Revelation actually see? Let’s delve that in a bit:

John the Apostle/Revelator (not the Baptist), presuming that he is the author of Revelation, did not write Revelation in English. He wrote it in an ancient Greek language called Koine Greek. He spoke Aramaic and Hebrew during his lifetime and English, even the one used in King James Version was not around until 1500 years later. The King James Bible described that the symbol that John saw was the ‘number of man – six hundred, three score and six’ with three score meaning three of twenties (3 x 20 = 60, so 600 + 3 x 20 + 6 = 666). This is correct in the English sense. John did say that the symbols number equals to 666 or six hundred sixty six, but the symbols themselves may not likely be the modern Arabic-Hindu numerals of today. This unlikeliness is due to the fact that modern Arabic-Hindu numerals used in modern English was only adopted by the West in the 12th to 15th centuries A.D. and before then, during the time of the first century disciples of Jesus, Greek alphabets and Roman numerals were used. So what exactly did John see?

I personally began to look for direct evidence online. I looked into the particular parts of Revelation in Koine Greek in the online scans of the Dead Sea Scrolls and found a dead end as those pieces are missing in the online scanned versions. If anyone has this information, please let me know. After that I looked further into this issue and found that it was written using the Greek letters – Chi Xi Stigma. Is this what John actually saw during the visions he described in Revelation?

Is this why Anti-Christ wannabes – those that use the numbers 666 – are not able to establish the Beast System? When we see the symbols to be revealed, would we still be here or will Jesus take us to Him? The chips have been falling into place for some time. Some are still up in the air and some have taken their rightful places. It seems that the decades of modern peace is coming to an end. Never have the world experienced peace as we are doing now in this generation in the last 70 years, and it may mark the end of the Age of Grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Beginning of the End.

The Bible tells us that we are not to fear of the storm raging around us, or the birth-pangs of the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. However, the Bible does tell us to keep watch. He is Coming Back and it is soon. No one knows the hour, only the Father does and that is imminent.

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