Testimony Snippet: The Vision of Meadows of Flowers

I have shared about this vision before and how it applies to the Body, and this time I wanted to share how God can speak to us in dreams and visions about the conditions of our hearts.

In this vision that was given to me seven years ago, the LORD (the Father) took me to a place and I was in a barren land, with thorns and shrubs that seemed very sad and require a lot of tedious work. I understood that the place represents my heart, and that there’s a lot of work to do within my heart in order to get rid of my sinful nature (our old self) and so I started pulling away at these thorns and shrubs. But to my utmost horror, the thorns and shrubs began to grow back to their full sizes the moment I took them out by the roots.

And I began to work faster and faster and harder and harder, but the thorns and shrubs kept growing and growing.

Then I gave up and cried for help. And the LORD held my hands and asked me to look again and smiled.

The land became a meadow of lush flowers and trees, with birds singing and a river flowing.

That’s what the LORD wants to do within my heart and my life. I toiled for seven years trying to get rid of my old self. But now God has made me a new creation.

In the same way, many are currently struggling to get rid of their old selves, to find that the very same roots they are trying to get rid of comes back to haunt them. But the moment the LORD brings breakthrough into our lives, it is going to be the overflowing of the River of Life, and the floodgates of Heaven opens with the former rain and the latter rain pouring down in abundance.

There is this park that I like to go to from time to time in my city. It has a rose garden and a lake. It reminds me of the promise that God has given me through this vision and put into picture of the promises that God has given to us as the Body of Christ in entering into His rest in Psalm 23, gaining His directions in our paths in Proverbs 3:5-6, and His work in the transformation of our hearts and the renewing of our minds according to Romans 12:2.

Rose Day at the Loose Park Rose Garden. Credits to David White.

This is a picture of our eternal spiritual inheritance. The transformation of our hearts and renewing of our minds are the direct evidence of the work of Jesus as the Word of God in our lives. The more surrendered we are to live as living sacrifices in His Blood according to Galatians 2:20 the greater the inheritance we have in the Kingdom of God as described in Matthew 6:33, and our true inheritance is Jesus Himself. He is the Kingdom of God and He is the treasure under the field as Jesus told his disciples about in Matthew 13:44.

We are to let our hearts become good soil according to Matthew 13:1-8, & 18-23. Unfortunately, whether soil is good or bad, does not depend on the soil itself. It depends on the sower. Only the sower can make the difference between barren land and land that overflowing with milk and honey.

Therefore, it is only in our surrendered self in the Hands of God that He can make our hearts good soil instead of the ones overgrowing with weeds or the rocky ones or the ones infested with birds. Unlike the soil however, we need to desire God’s transformation and renewing of the mind early on so we can depend on Him to change us as He sees fit. We need to trust Him that we would be pleased with the outcome in the light of eternity.

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