The Great Tribulation: Hell Unleashed On Earth

I am writing this in amidst of spiritual warfare, including a looming tornado warning in the Midwest. The moment I finished this article the storms subsided.

Last night I had a dream. In the dream, I was watching a certain person rise to prominent power and dominance at the world stage. I did not recognize him, but he seems like a very popular person and not only persuasive, but he’s deeply trusted by the people and the masses.

He was like in a television. Everyone was cheering him and the masses were shouting support for him. But in amidst of all of that support and cheering, suddenly I heard a growling sound like a monster coming out of a scary movie would make. The walls behind this man began to crumble and revealed a hideous being in reddish color with two horns and awful hideous eyes with a grimace, showing his sharp teeth.

Then this monster and the man merged into one – the masses still see the man, but I see the monster, that despicable thing that is Satan.

And then I woke up. And the words ‘son of perdition’ keep coming to me.

This is what the LORD says:

My Children, come awake! This is not the time to wallow in your pain and lick your wounds. You have been trained for a time such as this!

The time is coming for My children to rise up to the battle where I, the LORD, will provide you your five stones, and you would need only one to kill and dismember your giants (figuratively speaking, please refer to David and Goliath).

The time is coming for the son of perdition will be revealed.

He will be a man of prominent power, but right now he is working behind the scenes. He is already working with the powers of the world, and it will soon be ready for the System of the Mark of the Beast.

He listens to Satan, that despicable thing, that serpent, and he will be ushered in by the False Prophet. In fact, the False Prophet has already given hints for the world to know what is coming, for the time of the End is at Hand.

For those of you who are Mine, fear not! I will take you up to My Throne as I have promised in Revelation 12. However, the time for your unsaved loved ones is running short. Do not take it for granted. Speak to them of My truth. The truth of Jesus Christ, My Son, who shed His Blood on the Cross for mankind.

Soon, hell will be unleashed. Whatever spiritual warfare that you have come across up until today since 2000 years ago will not come even slightly close to the what the Angel of the Abyss (Abbaddon/Appolyon) can do and will afflict in the last days as prophesied by My servant John in Revelation 9.

The four angels bound at the Euphrates will also be released, and there are not fathomable words to describe the atrocity and terror that these fallen angels will bring to the masses in terms of war. Not only will they cause people to be addicted to war, violence, atrocity, brutality, genocide, strife, dehumanization of the masses, but of things that the world has not seen since the days of Noah and the Flood.

You do not want to be here when these things happen. You don’t want your loved ones to be here when these things to happen. I AM calling My wayward children to repent and My faithful children to continue to run the race. I AM calling those who are not saved to believe in the saving power of the Blood of My Son – Jesus Christ, and those who have rejected My Son to repent and believe in His power and authority to save mankind according to John 3:16.

I AM sending My Son very soon. The time of His Return is ever so close. The time of the revealing of the sons of God in Romans 8:19 is soon, and the Harpazo event is at Hand. Hold on to ME. Do not lose hope.

2 thoughts on “The Great Tribulation: Hell Unleashed On Earth

    1. No one on earth today has the authority to declare or prophecy a set date for the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, now as King of kings and Lord of lords. The Bible clearly says that even the Son of God does not know, only the Father knows. Who am I, a servant of God to know? But I have been instructed to warn, so I warn, just like Noah was instructed to preach about the Flood and build the Ark and he did. As long as I do as the Father’s will, that’s all that matters to me. I am nothing but a fool for Christ. Thank you for asking. God bless you.


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