Vision of the New World Order and the Beast System

I have always loved to write. I started writing as a child, and I would write stories and articles. One story was a sci-fi story that I wrote when I was a teenager. It was four chapters shy of finishing. Today, I have lost that manuscript, from my attempts to escape persecution, but God has restored and still restoring that gift of writing for a greater purpose that will be a part of all eternity.

When I was a teenager, I had visions, but I did not know that they were from God, the Father because I did not know Jesus. I could not interpret them because I did not have the Holy Spirit within me and naturally, I thought that they were there for stories.

The sci-fi story was both a vision for a story but also a prophetic vision. And that will be a post for another day. I also saw another two ‘story-like’ visions, and the third vision is the vision that has been interpreted for such a time as this:

I saw soldiers young and old in dark or black uniform at the back of large military trucks. Some look as young as fourteen or fifteen and others look older and in their 40s to 70s. They were carrying weapons and they looked like Nazi soldiers, with a red armband, except that the logo is no longer the Swastika, but three black triangles with white traingles within them emblazoned over a white circle on top of the red armband.

As I entered into the compound with these soldiers, I saw a grey monumental palace, again very reminiscent of Nazi era, where red long flags with white circles of the government run down two sides of the buildings, again, in place of the Swastika, there are three black triangles with white triangles within them.

And then the trucks stopped and out filed all the soldiers in great numbers and orderly formation.

And then they shouted, “All hail the Supreme Leader”.

It was winter, and the snow was slowly falling, covering the ground with a thin layer of whiteness, making the black uniforms of the soldiers to contrast greatly with the purity of the background.

And I looked at the man seated on the great porch of the grey monumental building. He looked nothing like Hitler. And behind him and his throne is a giant image. An image of himself that moves and makes expressions and speaks.

That is the vision of the Beast and the New World Order.

The black triangles with white triangles symbolizes the Mark of the Beast – 666.

The reminiscent to the Nazi Facist government is an indicator that this Beast System will be very similar to the Nazi government, and even more successful because of the implementation of emerging technologies It will be a multi-nation coalition, one that is not based on race, but of the unity of interests that benefits the Beast.

Many will support this Beast, and he will come into power at a time when there will not be much opposition from the godly and those who belong to God. He will come into power at a time when the Restrainer is taken away and he will be given free reign over those who mocks the Bible and do not believe in the Word of God. *He will look friendly to the Jews at first, but when he profanes the Holy of Holies he will no longer be a friend of the Jews. And this deception (teaching us to sign away our consent) and anti-semitism is how this government will be like the Nazi government.

This vision is prophetic in the sense that it gives a picture of what this Beast System is going to be like, in terms or pictures that we already understand. However, it is not going to look exactly like this. The soldiers may not wear black uniforms, and they may not have red flags that have white circles. The soldiers may not have orderly formations and put up their arms and shout ‘hail the Supreme Leader!’. But the gripping power and authority of this Beast Government would have uncanny similarity to the Nazi government, with totalitarian control with the implementation of emerging technologies. This government will be accepted by the godless because there is nothing left for them. The hope of Jesus is no longer preached and the Remnant that remained are being martyred for rejecting the ways of the world and the mark of the beast.

Here is what the LORD says:

There will be a time when My Spirit can no longer contend with the evil of this world. The blood of the innocent within the womb will cry out to Me for justice and wrath upon this earth, and the blood shed for My Name will demand justice and restoration. (Reference to Revelation 6:10-11 and Psalm 94:2-7).

There will be a time when grace abounds no longer and love will no longer be generously poured out as they do now. A time is coming when so much love, benevolence, generosity, kindness, grace and mercy shall become nothing but a distant memory (Reference Matthew 13:36-50). *This will mark the end of the age, and those who experience these things will be the wicked and the ungodly who reject My Son – Jesus.

The days of philanthropy, charity and benevolence to benefit those who are poor and needy will become history, and all that will be left is ‘peace’, ‘security’, ‘stability’, ‘equality’ and ‘safety’ but all of these are illusions, very much like mirages in barrenness of the desert (Reference Revelation 18, Revelation 6:5-8, Matthew 24:7, Mark 13:8, Luke 21:11).

Many scoffers of the Harpazo event will be left behind and become bitter. Many scoffers of the Second Coming of My Son will curse Him and My Names (Reference Revelation 2 Peter 3, Jude 1:18, Act 13:41, Matthew 24:37-39). Many will be left in the cold because all of them, despite My generosity, patience, lovingkindness, generosity, abundance, grace and mercy have rejected ME and My Son, and therefore they will have the very thing that they desire: The absence of My Presence (Reference Matthew 11:16-19, Luke 7:31-33).

As all My children are My vessels and the Body is My Temple (Reference 1 6:19-20, 3:16-17, ), I shall take them away as I have promised through My Apostle Paul in 1 Thessalonians 4:17, for at the time the Restrainer is taken away as according to 2 Thessalonians 2:17, I AM giving the inhabitants of the earth the last chance to repent (*through the coming tribulation. Reference ). But many would not. Too many will succumb to the power of the Beast. Too many have already rejected ME, My Son and the rest of My children (Reference 13:16-18).

They will be the very ones who will make haste to make themselves transhuman, and modify themselves through genetic modification and/or emergence with artificial intelligence by ‘uploading their souls or conciousness into the digital cloud’. Some of these technologies are here today (Reference Revelation 14:9-10).

Do not take part in these things lest you will no longer be a child of Adam, and no longer be able to take part of the inheritance through Jesus Christ (Reference 1 Corinthians 15:42-56, Hebrews 7:4-22).

When it is time for My children to be taken up, the goodness of the last 74 years of peace will be like a dream, a moment in history that humanity will never see again. For the new things of the next age is coming and only those whose names are written in the Book of the Lamb (Reference Revelation 20:12, 21:27, Revelation 13b, Philippians 4:3 ) will taste the restoration in glory ( Reference 1 Peter 5:10, Acts 3:19-21, 1 John 5:4, Romans 8:19) , while those who reject my Son and succumb to the power of the Beast will not be able to bear the glory of this coming age (Reference Revelation 13:16, 14:9).

But before My Son restores everything, the time in which that despicable thing comes into power will take place (Reference Revelation 13), so the world may taste and see what it’s like to be in a place of My absence, where My love, grace and mercy do not flow, where my life giving peace and goodness do not reside (Reference Revelation 13-16). So the world can understand what it is like to not have ME, My Son – Jesus Christ – Yeshua HaMeschiach, or My Spirit of Holiness, and live in their emptiness and darkness, trying to achieve peace but only disillusioned by the peace and security provided by the Beast which can only achieve such a feat through the same type of control that the dictators of the Nazis, North Korean Regime, Mussolini, Japanese Empire during World War II, the Ottoman Empire, and others who would rather sacrifice millions to billions for the sake of control and ‘peace and prosperity’ than to put efforts to secure peace.

The time of My Son’s Return is at Hand (Reference Hebrews 10:37, ). When Noah started to build the ark, it was after he was 500 years old, and the Flood happened after he had turned 600 years old, as described in Genesis 6. This implies means that Noah had to preach decades before the Flood came. This means that in the last 2000 years of the Church age, I, the LORD gave Revelation to John to allow each generation since the first church age generation to be eager for His Return (Reference 1 Corinthians 1:7, Hebrews 9:28, Philippians 3:20) not so you could be fooled but so you could run your races for Him during your lifetimes as you work out your salvation in fear and trembling (Reference Philippians 2:12), and because for those of you who belong to ME, and die before the Rapture will see ME face to face after you die and wake up from your sleep and the timing will no longer matter at that point (Reference 15:53-53, John 5:24, John 11:25, Luke 23:42-43, John 5:28-29, Philippians 1:21-23, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, 1 Corinthians 15:12-31, 35-58). I AM after all the Creator of time and a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day to ME (Reference Psalm 90:4, 2 Peter 3:8). Those who have an ear, hear what I have to say and those who have eyes, see what I want you to see (Reference Matthew 11:15-19, similar in call as in Revelation 2:29).

Now is the time for you to ever more zealously love ME. Love me enough to speak the love of My Son and the hope of His redemption that you yourselves have received. Take heed, My Son has already prepared your places for you for My house has many rooms/mansions. Your crowns are ready and your places at the table have been prepared (Reference John 14:1-3, Matthew 22:1-14, Revelation 19:6-9, 2 Timothy 4:8, James 1:12, 1 Peter 5:4, Revelation 3:11, 1 Thessalonians 2:19, Philippians 4:1).

Love ME with all your heart, mind, soul, body and spirit. Love ME so much that you have to tell your neighbor, your friends and your loved ones about ME and My Ways – the ways of righteousness (Reference John 14:6, Colossians 3:1, Romans 16:19, 1 Timothy 6:11, 2 Timothy 2:22, 1 Peter 3:11 ). Love ME so much that you will no longer succumb to addictions and evil desires (Reference 1 John 3:9). Love ME so much that you will no longer seek your own interests but only the interests of the Kingdom of My Son and for the glory of My Son and for My will – the will of your Father in Heaven (Reference Luke 10:27, Matthew 22:37, Mark 12:30-31, Deuteronomy 6:4, John 6:40, Philippians 2:21).

There is not much time is left. Although you will be with ME after My Son restores everything, and you will forever be content, satisfied and loved you may ask yourself why did you not love My Son – Jesus Christ – enough to give more, love more, serve more, share more and speak more of the love of My Son that He has given through the flogging, the humiliation and the Cross, which He triumphed over by His Resurrection (Reference 1 Corinthians 3, 1 Corinthians 3:15, Revelation 21:4, Philippians 2:12,Matthew 28:19-20, Galatians 2:20, Galatians 6:14).

The more you wear your robes of Righteousness that is Jesus Christ (Reference Revelation 3:4, Zechariah 3:4, Revelation 19:8 *afforded through faith by the Cross of Christ), the more goodness, grace, faith, mercy and love is afforded by the Cross. The more forgiveness and kindness you give out to others, the more mercy and love is afforded by the Cross of Calvary. *This is because your actions will testify the love of your Savior for to others and therefore they too will seek their Savior who is My Son, Jesus Christ.

The more you spread out words of condemnation and shame and acts of evil and sinful desires the more that will go into the gates of hell, undermining the power of the Cross (Reference James 2:13, Galatians 5:19-21, Colossians 3:5-6, James 4:17-21, 1 John 1:7-9).

But those who extend mercy will be shown mercy (Reference 5:7, James 2:13). Those who extend honor will be given honor and those who become My Son’s vessels to wrangle the gates of hell from opening ever wider will not see Heaven’s door closed upon them (Reference Romans 14:19, Romans 13:1-7, Romans 12:10). For the first is last and the last is first (Reference Matthew 20:16).

My Son died for you and the rest of mankind (Reference John 3:16, Romans 3:24-25, Revelation 1:5, Luke 22:20, Hebrews 13:12, 1 John 1:7, Ephesians 1:7, Colossians 1:20). Unfortunately, many (*the ungodly and the wicked who have not heeded my children’s witness) have already passed the gates of hell and regret such fates way too late (Reference Luke 13:28, Psalm 112:10, Matthew 22:13). More will pass these gates of hell and want to turn back time but cannot (Reference Luke Psalm 1:6, Psalm 9:17, Psalm 37:9, Matthew 10:28, 18:8, 25:41-45, Mark 9:43-44, 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9, Revelation 21:8 ).

Look at the world today and see the number of those who belong to My Son. Is this all that His Blood should afford after all of that humiliation, suffering and sacrifice (Reference John 6:40, Hebrews 13:12, Matthew 26:28)?

I have called you to the Great Commission so you may glorify His Name (Reference Hebrews 13:20-21) and do My will (Reference Matthew 7:21, John 6:40, 1 Timothy 2:3-4, 1 Thessalonians 5:18, 1 Thessalonians 4:3, Luke 9:23, Psalm 119:105, 1 Peter 2:15, Matthew 6:10, Ephesians 5:15-20, 2 Peter 3:9, Micah 6:8, Hebrews 10:36 ). The more faithful you are to My call, more souls will be afforded by the Blood of My Son ( Reference Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15, Acts 1:8, Romans 10:14-15, John 1:45, Matthew 4:19-20, 2 Timothy 2:2) ).

‘Is the number not fixed? Are not the names of the elected already in the Book of the Lamb? Why should we put efforts in evangelism if all of it depends on the Holy Spirit’s work anyway?’

I, the LORD, have called you to become My vessel (Reference 1 Corinthians 3:17) and walk humbly with ME (Reference Micah 6:8), with the guidance of My Holy Spirit (Reference Romans 8:14, Galatians 5:18, Acts 16:6-7, Acts 20:22, John 16:13) and through the salvation and redemption afforded by My Son’s Blood over your own life. This is where you need to trust ME and not lean your own understanding (Reference Proverbs 3:5-6). This is where you need to understand that My ways are indeed above yours, and that My foolishness is wiser than man’s wisdom and My weakness is stronger than man’s strength (Reference 1 Corinthians 1:25, Psalm 139:6), not just by a little, but by infinity times over (Reference Job Chapters 40-41) . If I tell you that number your mind cannot fathom it (Reference Psalm 139:6, 1 Corinthians 3:18).

I, the LORD, have sent this message to remind My children of their calling for the Great Commission (Reference Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15, Acts 1:8, Romans 10:14-15, John 1:45, Matthew 4:19-20, 2 Timothy 2:2) and that it is now the last leg of this calling for the time is coming when the term ‘missionary’ will no longer be relevant for My Son is going to call all but a remnant (Reference Revelation 7:3) of My children back to Himself (Reference Matthew 24:30-31, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, Revelation 3:10, Daniel 12:1-2, Luke 17:34-37 ) and they will join Him as part pf His Army during His Return (Mark 13:24-27, Matthew 24:30-31) as the One who is called Faithful and True (Reference Revelation 19:11) and the One whose thigh has a script written: King of kings and Lord of lords (Reference Revelation 19:16, Revelation 17:14, 1 Timothy 6:15).

Notes: All References are added to the updated version because of time constraints, and the message needed to be seen by those whom the LORD have called to see the post beforehand for the right place and the right time. All parts with an * are added to the new version for more clarity for the new audience.

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