The End Times As Foreshadowed in the Red Sea Event – Part 2

Continuing the message from the Messenger of God:

“When you see all kinds of hardships around you that all you are left to do is to commit sin (that is you have no other choice but to take the Mark of the Beast) or you feel like you need to steal, hurt someone else, abortion/murder, sell your body or dignity or just give up, call on the Name on the LORD for He has promised you in Psalm 18 that He is your Strength, Rock and Deliverer. He promises you that He is your Shepherd in Psalm 23, that when you see your enemies (especially the devil and evil forces) ready to pounce on you, He is preparing your table in front of your enemies. And He is anointing your head with His oil, in the same manner He provided Abraham with the ram on Mt. Sinai. The LORD also promised in Acts 2:21 and Romans 10:13, that whosoever calls on the Name of the LORD shall be saved (this includes physical deliverance from danger or difficulty). And because of these words that I say you must ever be more vigilant to stand on the Solid Rock of the Word of God and not on sinking ground.

For some of you if you do not know the Word of God, and deny it’s divine power, then you may find yourself to have no choice but to succumb to the power of the Beast, the Beast System and even today’s evil schemes of the devil, if you only stand on the power of Science and Economics (natural laws). If this is your ‘rock’ only these rules and natural laws will apply in your lives, but if you stand on the Word of God, the divine power of the Word shall be given access and apply in your lives. If the power of God’s Word in your life is restricted, you may succumb even to the evil of this world. But the LORD is the LORD of hope. These things are written to show you the rebelliousness of the enemy and his forces to wrest the gates of hell wide open.

But God has already given you all of the power you can have access to if you would hear the Holy Spirit speaking through you and His call to use His divine power in the Word of God. “

Now the LORD says:

“The enemy and his forces has been made a public spectacle when My Son died on the Cross (Colossians 2:15), but many has been taught a doctrine of a form of godliness but denying its power (2 Tim 3:1-5), that is to call My Word Truth but denying My Power that I have ever so plainly described in it in their own very lives. It is to nurture the Church that I have allowed 2000 years of grace, and several decades of culmination of grace (rare peace and prosperity) to allow certain ministries to thrive in order to bring into effect My work in the very last days. This powerless doctrine is a doctrine of demons (1 Tim 4:1-4), it is called so because it is a doctrine that has been used by the enemy to render My church powerless in the days of trials and in the days when the power of Economics and Science (natural laws) fail them. These natural laws will fail you, but My Word – the Word of God – will not.

If you refuse to believe that I, the LORD can send ravens down to feed you or to allow any other miracle in the Old or New Testament to work in your life, that’s what you will be left with: Your beliefs. You can have your Science and Economics while you refuse the Manna from Heaven I so desire for you to experience. And My people can have My signs and wonders and worship and glorify ME, while you allow the what you believe as impossible to surround you.

I desire that you follow the Voice of your Good Shepherd (John 10:11-18, 27-28) – My Son – The Lamb Who Was Slain – with great humility and earnestness.

Do not hold back anything. Trust My Voice in your lives. Trust My Son, just like the man who sold everything he had and bought the field with the treasure, because Jesus is your treasure under the field. It is the Kingdom of My Son. Because anything and everything that you have now is nothing compared to the worth of the things of the Kingdom.

These are the reasons why the Rapture must happen and the signs I have given you to show you that it must happen before the full implementation (the components are already here today, but the full integration and development has not been established yet):

  1. Some persecutions that are done to my children in developing nations are very similar to those that happened in the times of the apostles. However, in the ‘modern world’ nations, many ‘other-worldly’ methods using technology are used to subtly, secretly and deceptively used to deceive and persecute My children. It takes a whole lot of awareness and discernment that requires constant vigilence that most of My children cannot afford to do, even the wealthy – for the poor will not be able to afford physical defense, the wealthy will lose sight of spiritual defense. This would cause too many to be lost. I have said that I have been prolonging the Day of My Son’s Return for grace. Would it not defeat the purpose of doing so if too many falls away to the Mark of the Beast? Therefore, though the birth pangs will increase and hardships will increase and the signs will increase the full weight of deception (Beast System) will only allowed to be established when the Restrainer is taken away*. As I AM the God who is no respecter of persons (Act 10:34) then it is not physical wealth that will determine your readiness for the End Times. Earthly wealth is My measure of earthly ministry of stewardship for the godly and a measure of judgment for the ungodly. Dying to self and humility is the true measure of favor upon My people as those who live as closely to the obedience of My Son’s Voice, even in inconvenience and sacrifice shall inherit honor and favor in His Kingdom.
  2. Many of My children today are succumbing to things that are not sin, but do not glorify Me, and these are the subtle ‘testing grounds of deception’, weaponizing consent against My people so they will profit from it, this evil principle is exemplified in the Svaðilfari myth of Norse mythology, where the builder was cheated out of his wages for the consent he gave was weaponized against him. This principle is used in some circles today, and by the same demonic powers that govern these beliefs, the weaponizing of consent is nurtured and grown, and soon to be used against the masses through the power of the Beast. (Norse mythology can be read, just like other myths have been read like Greek Olympian myth and others, but the values being promoted in these myths need to be evaluated and tested as well and not to be accepted like as if it’s just another moral fable).
  3. My children must realize that the world today is overripe with sin and it is well overdue for wrath. But just like My promise to Abraham, for the sake of the ten I shall not pour My wrath unto Sodom and Gomorrah, so for the sake of the elect I shall not pour down My wrath, and they must desire and keep watch for themselves to be taken to the Throne of God like My Son has commanded His disciples in Luke 21:36.
  4. When the Beast System comes only the Remnant (also the Great Multitude) of 144,000 that will be martyred because they are sealed by the Word of God with the Name of the Lamb and My Name upon their foreheads (Revelation 7:3-4, 14:1). Those who are not sealed (also a rebellious copying attempt of the devil of the wheat and tares event and to desecrate My will.) will not be able to resist the Beast.
  5. In the same way that I, the LORD, has led My people, Israel into the wilderness out of Egypt and being pursued by the Egyptian army, I am leading My children out of their slavery and bondage of the things of the world, and their love for the things of the world, and by doing so, they are being pursued by the enemy and his forces. But do not fear, for I have come in between you and your enemies so will not lose your salvation, just like I did in the days of Moses. Many of My children now are being led out of ‘Egypt’ and to the ‘wilderness’ of experiencing ‘barrenness’ from the world, but the abundance of Heaven with My manna and quail (not relying in our old way of things including the laws of Science and Economics but allowing the new things of God to work in our lives).
  6. The wilderness represents the lack of earthly comfort and the pursuing of the enemy is manifested in our tiredness, exhaustion, weariness, anxiety, and other similar burdens brought by the seemingly uncontrolled downward spiral of the enemy closing all doors. This is because the Dragon of Revelation 12 is lying in wait for the Child to be born in hopes to catch it with its menacing Beast System.
  7. The Beast System is the ‘strike’ or the mouth of the Beast/The Red Dragon.
  8. And just like the Red Sea Event My Son shall part the Heavens and call My children with a shout and all My children will come up here to My Throne, leaving only the Remnant, sealed. They will be supernaturally equipped for their roles as Sons of God at the Millennial Kingdom and will return to the earth behind My Son, as My Son goes to make war with the Beast and the nations.
  9. **Some of My children whom I have called to be leaders I have taken home to ME because they have fought the good fight and I AM calling their home as they are done with their calling and I AM sparing them from the perilous times preceding the Harpazo Event.
  10. These leaders are leaders that have written books, led multitudes to follow My Son, discipled thousands upon thousands or in the hundreds and glorified Me. If you haven’t noticed, many were taken home last year that their names were published in a Christian magazine. They have proven their worth so much so that they would not have to go through anymore trials. Now, it is your turn. The baton has been passed to you and it is your turn to fight the battle with My Word as your Sword – The Sword of the Spirit. “

*The word ‘Restrainer’ has been used by other prophetic scholars such as Amir Tsarfarti from Prophecy Update, but this message is the message I hear from the LORD. I do not claim affiliation with Prophecy Update. Most prophetic scholars have similarities and differences and so does mine. Only the LORD can reconcile these differences).

**This notion that God took many of His leaders home, including Billy Graham and others last year came to me since last year before I saw Pastor Sundar Selvaraj mentioned it in his sermon at a conference last year. I waited until now to write because at the time I was not called to write prophetic messages to the public yet.

To Be Continued…

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