The End Times As Foreshadowed in the Red Sea Event

Have you ever watched a TV show, in which there are some 40+ episodes with each story connecting to each other and in chronological order, but there are some bits and pieces would connect the past and future shows or a “sneak peak” piece of a future show in a past show.

The LORD is an amazing literary author of true events that He has inspired the writing in the Bible in such a way that the past writings has foreshadowed the future such as Genesis 3 in prophesying the coming of Jesus, and referencing the past in the ministry of Jesus. This also occurred in the Pentecost, in which Acts 2:15 is a fulfillment of Joel 2:28.

If God is consistent and His character does not change, then it is logical to follow the pattern for the Return of His Son, now as Ordained King and Anointed Priest and even more so because this is the beginning of His fully revealed glory (because from the Second Coming on, there is no longer a humbled carpenter born in a manger, but a glorious King forever and ever).

And following this pattern that I write the contents of this message from a messenger of God:

“The Red Sea was parted by the LORD Himself. The sea parted and and the LORD in a pillar of fire stood behind Israel and before Egypt. So when the Red Sea parted, the people of Israel and Moses went into the dry land between the parted waters. The LORD was before them, but when the Egyptians started to pursue them the LORD came behind the descendants of Israel, to prevent the Egyptian army from coming close to them.

In the same way, the LORD will be before you and behind you before the heavens parted for His people to cross over the heavens to the Millennial Kingdom. And in this way also will His people leave ‘Egypt’ – bondage/slavery to sin, greed, anger, bitterness, pride, unforgiveness, covetousness, slandering, maliciousness, wickedness, jealousy, debauchery, gossip, addictions, lifestyles of ungodliness, greed, materialism, vicious competition and idolatry. And just like the Egyptian army pursuing Israel, the enemy’s evil forces will continue to viciously ensnare and attack God’s children. This is because the enemy wants to have them left behind, because only 144,000 of the left behind will be sealed, which means he would claim all the others through the Mark of the Beast. For this reason, those who are called to be part of the Male Child, not the Remnant must overcome their trials so they maybe taken up unto the Throne of God very soon

The LORD knows this. And He knows of everything that is coming against you. And so He shall take you up to His Throne. Note that in Revelation 12, the Dragon is waiting to devour the Male Child once it is to be born. The meaning of this is that he is doing everything he can to prevent you from being worthy to be taken up to the Throne of God. Note that the the Child was taken as the moment he was born, so will the saints who are not called to be the Remnant.

It is at the moment that the Beast System is about to be implemented (the technology is here) that the Harpazo event will occur, having the Restrainer being taken away and giving the Beast ultimate freedom anything he pleases without much resistance from the godly as they would be raptured by this time, leaving only the Remnant – 144,000 that will be martyred for the glory of the Lamb Who Was Slain. Around this time, Zechariah 12:10 will be fulfilled as well.

As the LORD sees His Gentile people – the Ekklesia as sons of God (Romans 8:19), in His grace and mercy He will take those who keep watch and pray that they will escape the end days (Luke 21:36). This is because He says in Matthew 24 that if it were possible, even the elect will get deceived through the signs and wonders (technology or supernatural) – it is not possible because God is going to take His Children up and this is why the Son says at the time of His Return in the same chapter in Matthew that He is going to gather His elect from one end of the heavens to the other, because they will no longer be on earth, including the Remnant, which will be martyred by then. This is also why He spoke of Matthew 24:40 & 41.

Around this time, the Remnant will be sealed, coming from Israel, including the nine of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel – Judah, Reuben, Gad, Asher, Naphthali, Manasseh, Simeon, Levi, Simeon, Levi, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph, Benjamin, with those coming from the nine intermixed from the nations and therefore will also be called the Great Multitude due to the diaspora that occurred during the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel/Samaria by Assyrian Empire. They will be sealed so they may resist the power of the Beast and the Beast System. The LORD is currently equipping them with wisdom, stewardship, strength, perseverance and the extraordinary anointing to withstand the persecution.

All children under the age pf accountability will be taken up at the Harpazo event. This does not mean no children will be born after.

Only the 144,000 sealed would be able to resist the Beast. Therefore, most of God’s children must keep watch for the Harpazo event. This number is literal because the Revelation 12 sign of the woman is also literal. “

Message to be Continued…

Note: I saw a YouTube video that was entitled the Red Sea and the Rapture, this message has nothing to do with that one because I have not seen the video, I just saw the intro and so I did not get any information from this video or any other sources. I usually cite my sources, so if I happen to have any information that is similar to others it maybe possible that the Holy Spirit reveals to different people the same things just like He did for Ezra, Nehemiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Nahum, Hosea, Obadiah and Habakkuk during the return of the Jews to Jerusalem during the reign of Artaxerxes in Babylon

4 thoughts on “The End Times As Foreshadowed in the Red Sea Event

    1. Thank you for reaching out. I took some time to prayerfully consider this issue. In Mark 13:27, Jesus mentioned ‘from ends of the heavens’ because the Raptured Elect will have their glorified bodies by then and will be waiting to be a part of Jesus’ Army upon His Return in Revelation 19:4. He says gathered from the earth because then, the Two Witnesses and any of the 144,000 who did not succumb to the Beast (most likely martyred and be brought into their glorified bodies in the First Resurrection). Jesus did not specify in Mark 13:27 whether He is gathering the elect in glorified bodies or spirit (Only Jesus have been Resurrected in His glorified body thus far. None of the past saints been resurrected yet, so they are with God in the spirit). I hope this comment will answer your question. Thanks again. It’s good to test the spirits.


  1. What will it help us to know so much things about rapture etc. We can know everything – but only that can save us:
    and that is obedience and faith in JESUS CHRIST. 1 Corr 13 01-13
    JOH 14 15: If you love ME, you will obey what I command!
    JOH 15 10: If you obey My commands, you will remain in My love, just I have obeyed My Father’s commands and remain in His love.
    1.COR 13 02 And if I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have faith that can move mountains, but have no love, I am NOTHING!
    MAT 06 33: But seek first His Kingdom and HIS Righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
    MAT 07 20 Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.
    21 Not everyone,who says to ME: Lord, Lord, will speakers enter the kingdom of heaven, but ONLY he who does
    the will of My father who is in the heaven.
    Many want to be speakers, prophets, apostels etc. of the Lord – but who will be satiesfyed to love the lord in the
    lowest places. Once JESUS said: I am always in the lowest places – there I am to be found.
    Love Lissy


    1. What you say here is all true, if I prophesy and have no love, it is like a clanging cymbal said Apostle Paul. And Jesus Himself said that there will be one day when people will prophesy in His name and preach in His name but they are not saved. But the Kingdom of God is like a treasure, Jesus said. But the Lord Jesus did tell us to keep watch in Matthew 24:42. Paul reminds us again in 1 Thessalonians 5:2 and John reminds us again in Revelation 16:15, of the importance of bringing into remembrance of the gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus so people will have their hope more in the Coming of Jesus than to stay in the reign of sin. I am not sure why you are on my blog if you don’t find this information useful. If you find yourself having a calling, you should walk your preach and start loving your neighbors so they may not succumb to the Mark of the Beast. If you indeed believe that posts like mine are not useful, and a waste of time, should you not invest your time and steward it in such a manner that you preach to me, that is to your neighbors? I have been in the lowliest places, only God knows. You do not understand the humiliation of being born into a family of legacy and long line of merchants and wealth, only to become an adult that almost faced homelessness and my car almost got repossesssed. You don’t understand what it’s like for your father to call you a curse and failure to your family because all of the children of their peers are a hundred thousand times wealthier than I am. You cannot understand total humiliation unless you came from a high place of wealth and end up in the lowest place – almost facing homelessness and losing my car. But true that humiliation, I knew that humiliation that Jesus the Holy and Awesome Son of God had to go through was even greater than mine, far more humiliation for being treated like a criminal, and being cast into shame, being made a curse, being separated from His Father. But with all that I had to go through, I knew that Jesus trusts me, His daughter to share parts of that pain and humiliation and lowly place, so I may share with Him later, His glory and honor. No one can take that from me. No matter what anybody says, all of that is done, God sees it and it matters to Him. He revealed to me the fruits of it in Heaven, and nothing can take that away from me, and because of it I know He loves me, and for that reason I want to walk with Him in utter humility. Please love your neighbors and obey God just like you said, start investing your time on loving Jesus as He calls you to, instead of wasting time on blogs like mine just to cause division, and criticize and proving that you are correct, or better yet, start your own blog.

      Also, I never receive a dime through this blog. My benefactors are not my readers. They did not even know I write this blog or read my articles. They did not know. God brought them in such a divine manner, it’s like being His Beloved. Everybody wants to be God’s beloved, but not too many wants to take the sacrifice. My experience with God is so real and so tangible. Nothing anyone say can change what I have experienced. It is the best thing what happened to me. If you have a charismatic experience, people say its all feelings. If you are blessed financially people say its the prosperity gospel. If you go through suffering, its called the gospel of suffering or poverty. I only want to glorify God. I don’t really say much about pointing fingers here because I want to focus more on God than to focus on what is wrong with the church. The church is not perfect, because only the Blood of Jesus can redeem it fully. I hope I gave you a sound answer. God bless to you and may He guide you to do more useful things for Him such as evangelism, apologetics, Bible study and other stuff than reading blogs about the rapture like mine, as it is for the children of God who takes their calling to watch the Second Coming seriously. Thank you for your opinion.


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