Parable of A Business Man and His Seven Children

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Continued from the The Two Witnesses, the LORD continues to say:

“Many of you despite the sins of your heart and minds, are humble, sacrificially love and care for others, judge others according to My conviction, follow the voice of your Shepherd – My Son closely, kept your garments clean and washed in the Blood of the Lamb through your repentance and seeking My forgiveness constantly, praying unceasingly, interceding relentlessly for others, spending your time delighting in My Word and hiding under the Shadow of My Wings, Waiting on My Word in prayer, worship and thanksgiving, speaking with counsel and might in the courtroom of My Throne, serving and giving with humility, mercy and grace, and living in obedience through both My canonical Word, and/or spiritual revelation.

When you do these things, as a child imitating his father, then you are saved by the Blood of My Son and been given the gift of faith and through the gift of faith you have the ability to work on these things as you work on your salvation in fear and trembling.

If you do it to ‘earn’ your salvation or because you fear hell, these will become mere works. When these things become yoke that is easy and burden that is light (despite natural appearance of difficulty and direness), it is no longer your flesh that is ‘doing’ but you who are alive in Christ. And for you, you will be part of the firstfruits. If you have been given this gift before the Male Child is taken up to the Throne of God, you will be given the place of the Male Child.

If you do not receive this gift before then, you might still have a place with the Remnant and the Multitude (They are the same). Therefore, keep watch. Do not lose sight of the place I want to give you through this message. If you miss it before the Male Child is taken up, your name may still be written in the Book of the Lamb, and therefore maybe a part of the Remnant. And if you miss the chance to be a part of the Remnant, you will miss the First Resurrection.

But I intensely desire that you are a part of the firstfruits (Kings and Priests in the Millennial Kingdom). And if you don’t lose sight of the things that are coming, either through this message or of others I have sent through My prophets, watchpersons, seers and dreamers, you will not miss taking your rightful place as one of the firstfruits – either as part of the Male Child or the Remnant.

A Parable For Modern Day Application

A man is an owner of a large commercial real estate (ME – The Father). And He has many sons and daughters (My Firstborn and all the adopted). He wants all of his sons and daughters to succeed him in his business but he knows he can only make the most capable offspring (My Son – Jesus) to succeed his position as the owner (Ruler of the Millennial Kingdom) and the others as directors, managers and supervisors (kings and priests unto the Lord) according to their abilities.

He constantly reminded all of them at the dinner table of this (in the Bible, sermons on Sunday, sermons on YouTube, prophetic words on YouTube and blogs), and even when he spends one to one quality time with each one (personal quiet time with My Children)- such as golfing with the oldest, woodworking with the second, fishing with the third, driving one to soccer practice and all the others according to the interests and pursuits that each one has – he would remind them of the day, he plans to ‘retire’ and for them to take positions.

All of his children (Ekklesia and Messianic Jews ) know that the firstborn (Jesus) will succeed their father as CEO/President/Owner (Ruler of Millennial Kingdom), but the positions of Vice President, Directors and Managers (kings and priests) will be given to all the others according to their abilities. One son, the fourth out of seven children, never liked to listen to his father reminding him. But those younger than him (The Male Child) paid attention because they adore their father and delight in the trust and words of their oldest brother. The father knows this and tries to admonish the fourth child in hopes that he would not be overtaken by his siblings. But the fourth child was stubborn. He always said ‘ok’ and dismiss his father’s advice.

While his other siblings (The Male Child and Remnant) do well and went to college (diligently followed the training of the Lamb) and worked hard and earned degrees, he went to college played sports, fool around with women, drugs and alcohol and barely graduated even though there were no financial issues and if he had emotional issues or any other need he needed, he knew his father would have gladly paid for his well-being and recovery. His father has been waiting for him to graduate and was getting antsy to let his beloved son (Jesus) to succeed him and use his talents and gifts to make the company greater than he ever could. He waited, and he waited. Until one day, he said to the first son (Jesus) that he’s ready to retire and would like to enjoy the fruits of his lifelong work basking at the beach with their mother or golfing with his other retired friends. So immediately there was a transition.

The oldest brother immediately took over as CEO/Owner (Takeover as King of Kings and Lord of Lords – prior to Return). And out of grace and love for his younger siblings, he asked the youngest ones – but with wisdom through their training and obedient and trust of child-like faith to him and their father through the tasks he has given them – if they would like to head the departments of their expertise as managers. And then he quickly took them under his wing and trained them personally at his CEO suite (The Harpazo) so that the employees would see the youngest ones and be amazed at their talents, intelligence, gifting and humility that their employer has bestowed upon his children (Giftings and grace upon the Harpazo/Male Child).

Right at the beginning of this training, there were some cousins and other relatives who try to seize the company (Those who are utilized by the Red Dragon or part of the Red Dragon) saying that since their grandfather (illegitimate claim to ownership or authority ) started the company, they should have places as well. But the oldest son wanted to honor his own father’s charge upon him so he began to try to stop them from barging into the company’s headquarters and demand from him for positions that they want but are not qualified for since the positions have been reserved for his siblings(The firstfruits – The Male Child and the Remnant).

Then he began inviting his middle siblings to dinners and luncheons to discuss their positions as directors/CXO’s (grooming/preparing the Remnant in their time with Jesus and His Word) and told them that they shall officially take their places at their father’s Retirement Gala (Big Event of Honor – The Establishment of the Millennial Kingdom/Marriage Supper of the Lamb), and he charged them with dealing with the relatives who want to steal their positions (overcoming persecution and becoming martyrs). So they did. And after much overcoming with legal and economic solutions they were finally able to take their rightful places (overcoming the Beast and did not take the Mark of the Beast nor become a part of the Beast System). All this while, the oldest brother has been reminding the fourth child still in school if he could complete his studies so he could become one of the managers (The ‘Christian’ who has a form of religion but denies its power – calls My Word canon but refuses to believe that what happened in those days can happen today).

The fourth child asked if that’s the only way to have a position. The oldest said no. The fourth child proceeded to say that he still needs to take a couple more classes just so he could be in college and be a boy longer, so he missed becoming a manager (Harpazo Event). Then some time later, the oldest asked the fourth child about his studies, and asked if he would like to take a position as director, and he knew his brother was not ready, but he asked anyway (Coaxing him to be a part of the Remnant).

The fourth child said yes, completed his training barely passing and quickly returned to his home and found the CXO positions that he wanted were given to his siblings (not officially yet). The oldest offered him the remaining one, one he created just so his brother could hold a position, but charged him with a project to test his trust in his own leadership, teachability and humility. The fourth child failed miserably. He was stubborn, arrogant and completely shut off his parents.

While the parents were on a cruise to celebrate their upcoming official retirement, they sent him tweets and tried to call him on the phone and Skype. But the fourth child dismissed his mom’s gentle voicemails (gentle voice of the Holy Spirit). And ignored his father’s texts of consequences (Father’s signs in the heavens). He even locked himself in his office, so that he could see his oldest brother through the glass (seeing Jesus from far away but not allowing him to take control), but not hear him or his instructions other than original project papers and protocol manual of the company that his father wrote for the company (reading and accepting only canonical word and dismissing all other spiritual communication that seems ‘charismatic’).

He said those little gentle voicemails of his mom (Holy Spirit gentle guidance), and the texts and emojis from his dad (signs from the Father in the Heavens) are just a waste of time (completely shut off divine intervention outside the Bible). He believed it’d be more efficient and ‘safer’ to just focus on the original papers (canonical bible only when it comes to Kingdom matters). The oldest began to send employees (prophets for the sake of the story) to the fourth child’s office. And he insisted that just following the original papers and manual are enough to work on his projects and eventually take his place as the last CXO (remaining spot as part of the remnant).

Then their father returned suddenly and because he has began to enjoy the fruits of his legacy, he asked for the gala to be held the very next day and hired everything and everyone he needed to make it happen the next day. Even if he had to hire a helicopter to bring in the finest champagne and wine, he would do it, not just for the wine, but for his children’s garments, decor, seating, table setting and others, in fact all of these were already on standby, because that is how expendable resources are to him. Because of this suddenness, the fourth child was not ready. As his project was not done and he has ignored his entire family’s advice, even the ones that were through the employees, he completed only preparations for his children that were ready to take their places.

The oldest son (Jesus, the Firstborn) gathered every single one of his younger siblings who had followed him as sheep follow their shepherd. The youngest ones that were under his close supervision (The Male Child/Harpazo) in tow as he went to meet the overcoming middle siblings (The Overcoming Remnant – Martyrs). He gathered them (The Second Coming) at the grandest ballroom on the rooftop of the company’s headquarters and began having all top security and employees (angels and cherubims) to bar uninvited guests from entering the ballroom (The Millennial Kingdom), and to keep watch of uninvited guests and were instructed to kick out all persons that were not meant to be there (Satan and his angels bound for 1000 years). (The Retirement Gala represents twofold imagery – 1. The Millennial Kingdom and 2. New Jerusalem – The Wife of the Lamb – 1. those who are not ready will not take places as kings and priests in the Millennial Kingdom and 2. those who are not ready for New Jerusalem will not be allowed to enter New Jerusalem after The Second Resurrection and the Millennial Kingdom is over).

The father began to honor his new managers and CXO’s with pomp and music. And because the fourth child was not ready, he was not honored (the fourth child represents the one who ‘do everything right with a form of religion but denying its power’ and therefore those who are not ready to be the Male Child, the Remnant and ultimately did not have the right garments at the Marriage Supper).

He was so disconnected that he realized at the last minute that he had to be at the gala, so he quickly went there only to find out that the bouncer would not let him in because he was not even wearing the right clothes! Then they closed the door on him. Then he stood outside crying. When the gala was over, he found out his siblings has received homes and cars and gifts to lavish on them his love and benevolence as they work on their new positions (heavenly destiny for those whose names were written in the Book of the Lamb).

And the next day, when he wanted to go back to his office, the guards would not let him in (he could not be a priest or king in the Millennial Kingdom and not be able to enter New Jerusalem). Security was also instructed to not let him into his father’s house. And he began to cry and ask for forgiveness. The father hired his workers to take him to another place so he would not cause grief and suffering out of his other siblings who have been charged with the company and legacy. The new place was like a desert to the fourth child (In the Millennium Kingdom – not as king or priest, in New Jerusalem Era wilderness – hell). But he knew he was wrong. So kept crying and gritted his teeth in regret. The father was distraught, but there is nothing else could be done without costing his entire family’s promised legacy.

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