The Two Witnesses

In the past few days, the LORD has been prompting me to write about the Two Witnesses and I have been instructed to write about their identifying markers according to the Voice of the LORD:

“I AM the LORD, the ONE WHO WAS, WHO IS and WHO IS TO COME, the GREAT I AM and My Son is the One who is called Faithful and True (Rev. 19:11), The Lamb of God and the High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek seated at My Right Hand at My Throne – YESHUA HA MESCHIACH – JESUS CHRIST . I AM the LORD, the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And I AM your Father in Heaven.

This is concerning the Two Witnesses:

  1. The Two Witnesses shall come during a tumultuous time. A time when chaos is great and mighty among the nations.
  2. Many of you, will not see the Two Witnesses until they were resurrected again and join My Son’s Army, during His Return, after the ‘Male Child’ of the Woman of Revelation 12 has been taken up to the Throne of God. The woman is giving birth. And My Son is My Seed (Galatians 3:16, John 3:16, Romans 8:29). Did you know that there are about 40 weeks from ‘conception’ to ‘birth’? Two thousand years is equal to 40 Jubilee Year Cycles (Leviticus 25).
  3. The Two Witnesses will have a great and tremendous anointing upon them, that whosoever attack their anointing or mocks My authority in them shall suffer 20 times more severe than Miriam, who attacked the anointing of My servant Moses in the wilderness (Numbers 12).
  4. Whosoever wants to harm them shall be killed, instantaneously by fire that will come out of their mouths. They will have power, given by My Own Hand, to shut and open the heavens so that rain, fire, drought, hail, snow and blood shall be at their command, in their humility before Me, despite pronouncing judgment and wrath on My behalf (Revelation 11).
  5. They will prophesy for 1260 days, clothed in sackcloth, one to represent My Lampstand in Judah (Jews and the Old Covenant), the other to represent My Lampstand in the Ekklesia (New Covenant).
  6. They will have the appearance of ancient-ness with wisdom, and the clothes of their righteousness and blamelessness shall be plain to Remnant, but will not be seen by those who have hardened their hearts and mock My Name and the Cross of My Son, and the sanctity of the millions of lives and destinies sacrificed in the womb every year.
  7. They will appear and seen worldwide through the internet, and on screens and there will be TV news coverage that will be devoted to observe and record them 24-7 for as long as they prophesy (1260 days) and testify My Kingdom and glory, until the Beast devours them and their lives were taken for the glory of My Name.
  8. They will lie on the street until it is time for them to be resurrected again and taken up into Heaven at the Voice that says, “Cone up, here”.
  9. Their bodies will lie on the street for three and a half days, and many peoples of many tribes and nations will rejoice and make merry and give gifts to one another because these two men have tormented them through My Mandate as their LORD to pour My Wrath upon the earth.
  10. After they were taken up into Heaven, a great earthquake in that city alone will kill 7000 people. And many will be afraid and have an awe for ME and My Son.
  11. The Remnant – the 144,000 will be sealed by this point (Revelation 7). Remember, My Children – Israel – is of the twelve tribes. Today, only Judah, Benjamin and Levi are known. I am going to reveal the other ten and seal them, and they will be the firstfruits unto my Firstborn. 12,000 will be sealed from each of the tribes. The other ten tribes will be revealed soon. (The number 144,000 is not even 1% of 1 billion, and this is because the persecution under the Beast System shall be so great that it is none like any that has ever occurred before). As they were in the diaspora during the Kingdom of Israel apart from the Kingdom of Judah and has been dispersed by the King of Assyria, they will be among the Gentiles. Therefore, there is Judah (Today’s Jews and Messianic Jews), Ekklesia (Gentile Church) and Israel (All Twelve – Tribes of Israel). The woman of Revelation 12 is Israel including the Jews. The Male Child is the fully Gentile Church. The ‘Remnant of Her Seed’ is the 144,000 – Judah and Benjamin and Ten Tribes intermixed with the Gentiles sealed and all made clean and without blemish by the Blood of the Lamb, Bridegroom of the New Jerusalem of Revelation 21.
  12. I, the LORD, have divorced My wife – Israel after My marriage to her at the First Covenant – but through the Second Covenant, I have married her again and she (the Woman) has “conceived” the Ekklesia, which will be born (the Male Child) and taken to the Throne of God. The Remnant shall become the wife of the Lamb, My Son, and the Ekklesia, being a kind of firstfruits (reign in the Millennial Kingdom) with the Remnant (The wife of the Lamb – New Jerusalem – also firstfruits – 144,000) shall attend the marriage supper of the Lamb, being coheirs (guests, relatives, brothers and sisters), kings and priests unto their King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This mystery shall be further revealed in the coming days as promised in Revelation 10. This part of the mystery is separate and apart from the one in Revelation 17.

I AM the LORD, who reveals My plans to whom I please, and to whom I have called to become my watchmen and women, prophets, seers and dreamers. It is I, the LORD who has chosen them and I have given my Old Testament Prophets (Joel 2) and New Testament Apostles (Acts ) to prophesy that many shall be raised in the Last Days and the End Times to prophesy, dream and see visions. So that Israel and the nations may know I AM the LORD, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

I have anointed them and have chosen them. Those who attack their anointing and mock My calling and anointing upon them shall receive dire and severe consequences as the days of the prophets of old. If you must question them, seek Me. Go humbly to the feet of My Son, just like Mary did. And withhold yourself from being like Martha (skeptical and carelessly dismiss) or Miriam (irreverent and arrogant). I AM the Author of the WORD. IT IS I – I AM WHO I AM – who will decide where MY REVELATION stops.

The Word of God – The Bible is canonical and therefore, this canon is final. However, I can still speak to My servants. I have the right and freedom to do so. What can you do about it? Do not dismiss anything that has been done in the Bible. Whatever I have done in My people through the prophets of old or the apostles of new, I can do it today for I AM very much alive and well. And I AM not the God of the dead, I am the LORD of the living and I AM the LIVING GOD.

Before you judge this servant of Mine. Judge those that you have trusted so faithfully. And then look into the news. Most of them have ‘served’ Me for decades and have failed Me. And their fruits are already bearing in yourselves, without you yourselves aware of which of these fruits are theirs and which are meant to be good.

If they, have served Me for decades have sinned, unrepentant for those decades and yet, many of My children read and consume their filth and respect them even in their lack of transparency, why should you judge My new prophets, My princes and princesses, who are transparent like the prophets and apostles, and say frequently that they are not perfect, because they sin just like you do – do you not?

Don’t you gossip at church and slander one another? Don’t you compete with my young believers so much so until you allow the devil through you to stomp and wilt almost up unto the root that I have to literally uproot them and plant them into a new place, and nurture them again? And sometimes this does not happen only once but more than once? That I blessed you with everything, but you still want the little that they have, and you think you were able to overcome them because of My ‘favor’ upon you, but rahter it was ME, allowing you to indulge in your selfishness so I can reward the ones who submit to ME and and not succumb to reciprocate evil for evil and give them the imperishable crown of righteousness while you feel the little temporary glory of winning whatever you tried to trample your brother or sister for. You realized that they did not resist or fought aggressively, right? That is exactly what I meant when I say turn the other cheek and they who listened to My Son and His Voice this closely has been rewarded and these rewards are for them to claim when My Son Returns as King of kings or Lord of lords.

Do you not pursue material wealth so much that you literally bury the bags of gold into the ground? Even the man with the one bag of gold is in a better position than some of you. At least he buried one bag of gold. Some of you buried enough gold into the ground and mountains, that could hide you through the entire Tribulation that at My Son’s Coming, that you might as well stay there and you will ask the ground, the caves and the mountains to hide you because you cannot bear the overwhelming power and authority of His Presence.

I steward that much to you to spare and help the millions sacrificed in the womb. What did you do? You bury your sacks of gold into the ground. Because you did worse than the man who buried the one bag of gold into the ground, your ‘wages’ will be as the number of bags of gold you buried in the ground to build your ‘hiding place’ and withheld help from those sacrificed in the womb. Why do you think was I very specific about the positions and ranks of those who want to hide from Me in Revelation 6? He who has an ear, let him hear and he who has wisdom let him have understanding.

Do you not have anger, pride, covetousness, bitterness, unforgiveness? Are not your leaders that you prize and put on pedestals so much because you judge them by their ‘intentions’ and ‘conduct’ that you do not know they do unspeakable and despicable things to helpless victims until you have followed them, consumed their filth and bore the fruit of their teachings and works? Because this generation has chosen to follow “false blameless conduct – wolves in sheep clothing” rather than those with transparency – those who confess their sins, even if it is bitterness, unforgiveness, and other sins so they may repent and be healed.

All of you, if you are blameless are only blameless by the Blood of the Lamb. If you were not covered. I would see your nakedness and your evil thoughts. Even your evil thoughts about topping off your neighbor for the next bigger and better lawnmower. Yes, even that.

Or your heart being angry with your brother or sister because he or she failed you in something. But with the Blood of My Son, all of these are covered. I can no longer see the sins of those with the Blood. But does it mean you will no longer sin?

No. If you have the ability to do that. I wouldn’t have needed to send My Son. I’d just tell you to call My Son LORD and stop sinning. Period. I would not say confess your sins and repent. I would not have sent Paul to reveal to you and stress to you about dealing with repentance.

If you have been preaching that those who do not repent of their sins such as adultery and fornication will not enter the Kingdom of God, this is true. But it applies to greed, anger, lustful thoughts and others as well. This is why repentance is required for you to work your salvation in fear and trembling, so that you may be sanctified.

All sins are the same in My Eyes because I see the ripple effects of sins from anger to murder to adultery and greed. You only see the obvious repercussions of adultery in the flesh. What do you know of the severity each sin carries? What do you know that because of one person’s greed, leads to the murder of another affected by the greed? Or anger that led to the adultery of another? My foolishness is nevertheless higher than your wisdom.

All of these messages I have instructed My servant to inform you so you will be ready as the Five Virgins (wedding guests) like the Five Virgins with the Oil Lamp. As for heart and her conduct, in her transparency, I will deal with her Myself, for she is Mine and I AM hers just as you are Mine and I AM yours.”

**Update 02.28.2019: By the leading of the Holy Spirit, I researched further into the Leviticus 25 Jubilee Year of Ancient Israel, and the evidence in Luke 4:16-21 suggests that Jesus began His ministry (teaching) on a Sabbath Day (suggesting that it is the Leviticus 25 Jubilee Year), the day He read Isaiah according to Luke 4. If this is the case, the last Jubilee Year of Israel in 2017-2018, was a modern Israel Jubilee Year, not the Leviticus 25 Jubilee year. If this occurred in Jesus’ lifetime, then the 2000 year of 40 Jubilee cycles are not done yet. It has to occur on the Day of Atonement. Also the Day of Atonement of year 2017 occurred six days after the Revelation 12 sign.


To be continued … with The Parable for Modern Day Application

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