The Tares and the Wheat

Whenever I write about judgment, don’t think I am happy about it. Like “muahaha you all are going to receive judgment”. No, of course not. I live on earth. Whenever God judges, I will definitely be affected. Whenever I write messages of judgment and rebuke from the LORD, I know a lot is at stake.

There is no way I am writing with my own pleasure or benefit. Most often than not, when people hear such messages, people are just going to dismiss or get offended. Most ministers write with the hopes that they will get supported through their writing. When I write what the LORD wants me to write in judgment, it’s not something that will obviously increase my prosperity. And if this is the case, why do I write? A lot of times, my posts are not even popular. So why do I write? Do I have any benefit in writing this?

Yes, and that is the joy of obeying the LORD and maybe a reward in eternal life (I don’t know – I asked the LORD to not let me be too caught up with that). So whenever I receive messages like these through the overflow of both words and visions, I would pray and ask the LORD if I really should write such convicting messages. No one should feel condemned, because we belong to the LORD and our Kingdom is the Kingdom of Jesus. We should love our nations but we cannot love our nations more than Jesus. When the Lord Jesus returns, now as the King of kings and Lord of lords, we cannot look back to our nations like Lot’s wife looked back at Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:26). We cannot love our nations that if the Lord wages war against the world, including our nations that we would rather not join the battle. We must realize that our utmost allegiance is with our Anointed and Ordained King by the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF – JESUS CHRIST, YESHUA HA MESCHIACH.

More often than not, I identify with Jonah, like I want to run away from my prophetic messages (Jonah Chapter 1). Why should I carry such grieving messages when others get to prophesy revival, mighty works, manifestation of glory and some even prosperity? Unlike Jonah, however, I do want people to listen and turn away from their sins or their complacency. I pray that the judgments that I myself prophesy will not happen because Jonah prophesied, the Babylonians repented and God did not go through with the judgment according to Jonah chapter 4. And I hope that as you read the prophecies that you will pray for your nations as well.

In January of this year, the LORD told me that He would give me the gift of visions, dreams, interpretation of dreams and visions, prophecy and the understanding of the times, similar to those of Daniel – maybe a sliver of his gifts. And because of this, He told me that I would see the signs in heaven and the signs of the times and almost immediately be able to interpret it. Of course, I would still spend time in prayer and seeking God regarding these messages so I would only write down the words from Him and Him alone.

The revealing of His Sons is coming soon. I see a vision of the glory of God is going to manifest on His children that soon the world is able to see who are His children and who are not ( Romans 8:19 ). And therefore the season of the dividing of the wheat and the tares will soon come to pass (Matthew 13:24-30).

This is already manifesting in the physical – the news about the Catholic Church abuse scandal, The Southern Baptist Church Study Scandal, The Church Pastor who was pedophile, The Harvest Bible Church Scandal and religious authors, worship leaders and others will be subject to public light soon so that the LORD may gather His people and show the ones who were truly His.

If we are to judge a tree by its fruit, we need to look closely at what we as the Body has done. Why are a large portion of Christian Millennials believe evangelism is wrong? Why is abortion, pornography, divorce, adultery, fornication, drug addiction, pedophilia, sexual abuse, homosexuality, financial scandal and other sins prevalent even in the church? We cannot deny that this is the fruit we have bore. What tree did we grow? Is it our love of money, materialism and success that brought us here (Not saying it is sinful to earn more than $30K or become a millionaire)? But if the current model that we have right now is working and the church is alive and well, the tree would not have bore these fruits, would it?

What are we doing wrong? Maybe it’s because we love success more than we love God? Maybe it’s because we would rather buy in to the idea of buying the best things for comfort and reward the richest with more riches because they provide comfort rather than being great stewards?

Maybe we are so covetous that the moment we see the person next to us use the newest phone or the newest car or the newest home, we all succumb to the domino effect of keeping up with the Jones’ that we end up draining all of our steward investments into the ground (Matthew 25:18-24) – some even literally by building bunkers that could withstand the entire apocalypse and hide them so much so that they would not know if Jesus have returned or not or whether the earth has become the depths of hell.

I’m talking about those that are made to withstand all kinds of disaster and built inside mountains and could sustain people for like 60 years or so. That’s pretty much describes in Revelation 6. Why did John say the rich, nobles and kings, and not the poor? Because only the rich can afford bunkers. I guess if you know you steward according to the LORD and you have bunkers and you plan to use it according to God’s will, I am not against that. I am not calling that sinful.

And in order that ALL leaders and ministers (do you know how unworthy I feel as I say this?) to avoid being exposed by the LORD, as He did for those mentioned above, leaders, pastors and ministers have to seek the LORD and repent of their sins no matter how small – whether manifested in our hearts & minds or body and conduct, so that they may come clean before the LORD, because GOD HIMSELF is returning to earth, and just like He commanded His people on Mt. Sinai to consecrate themselves and purify their garments, He is commanding us to consecrate ourselves and purify our garments before His Coming (Exodus 19:10-14).

If the President/King of your nation decides to go over to your home to personally invite you to the wedding of his son/daughter, what preparations will you do if he informs you before hand? Will you not prepare the best decorations, provide the best food, offer the best hospitality and wear your Sunday best clothes to welcome him to your home? Is this not because you revere the leader of your nation and consider him an authoritative figure too much revered to visit your own home, but because he is generous anyway, you would respect and be grateful to his generosity, right?

And if this is so for an earthly President/King, how much more so should we apply these principles when our true Lord and King come down to get us? Are we just going to be like – nah, whatever, it’s just Jesus… or are we going to be in awe and reverence of Him and pursue holiness in great respect and love for our Lord and Savior? How are we going to welcome Him? Are we going to treat Him like we would treat our earthly King/President or are we going to treat him like we treat hobos and random people we don’t care about? A lot of times we point out others’ pride to ourselves. What about our own pride to God? Not recognizing pride against God is a sin. It is the biggest thing that makes us akin to Lucifer (Isaiah 14:12-15, John 8:44-45).


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