Revelation 12 Sign – The Woman – But What About the Dragon?

In the past few days during my quiet time, I’d get visions and words being ‘downloaded’ into my mind about several things pertaining to the End Times. I felt led by the Spirit of God to write about these things into a video and the video explains some of the significant points pertaining to Revelation 12. I do not know when will the Rapture be. It is not a prediction video. It is instead a sign to draw our attention to Revelation 12 and I believe God is trying to get our attention and is calling us to wake up because the time of His Coming is at hand. The End is no longer near. It is here. The Coming of the LORD is no longer just soon. It is imminent.

The LORD spoke to me several times that this message is not for everybody. It will be ignored by most, considered by the learned and plain to the wise.

The end of part of the video is for my family. I went through a lot of challenges to get this video to upload on YouTube, partly because I am not a video savvy person and partly because I believe the enemy does not want many to know his plans to for deceiving many, including the elect.

I believe we have now come to a time where we as the Body of Christ need to be careful what we consent to and which laws we adhere to. Because if it is easy to thwart the Mark of the Beast, God would not have warned us in such an urgent and persuasive manner He does in the Book of Revelation. It is also increasingly evident that the end of the age of grace is near.

All technology are double edged swords in a way. They can be useful at the one hand and costly at the other. Sometimes the costs of technology are too high, and sometimes it may cost us our faith and according to Revelation, our salvation.

This includes medicine – are we using medicine that is derived from aborted embryo/fetus cells? Are we using technology that causes the slavery of millions? Are we using devices that allow others to weaponize our data against us – all written in fine print. Think about it. We have all signed away ourselves in fine print. Many of these providers inch closer and ever closer into persuading us to sign away our allegiance, loyalty, attention, data, privacy and maybe one day, I don’t know, our salvation?

Anyway, I hope you are blessed by the video. Seek the LORD and His Righteousness according to Matthew 3:16. Ask for His wisdom according to James 1:15 and fear Him as the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.

God bless!

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