When Millenials Say, “I will Seek God About It”.

There are a lot of modern day contemporary sermons out there by pastors who consistently complain that young people – especially the Millennials do not want to listen and tend to answer “I will seek God about it”.

Maybe what we mean to say is, yes we understand what you are saying, we will consider it but we will seek God first in prayer?

Back in the day, maybe five to ten years ago, we were told to seek God and not believe everything being told to us. We were told that we need to understand Scripture and make sure what we hear from our Pastors are from the Bible. And maybe when we start doing that and start to question we are not being retaliated because Pastors may feel scrutinized by our questions? But maybe the Millennials asking questions could be a good thing, if and only if we go back to Scripture and look into the Word and study for ourselves.

And the reason why this could be a good thing are as follows:

As the Bible says that as time progresses, the days of the coming of Jesus is approaching fast and now it is ever closer to the hour of the coming of our LORD. And according to … as the day comes near, there will be false teachers and false prophets. And deception is inevitable for many. I believe many have already left the faith because of deception. But many who are still in the faith are being careful about listening to the Word of God, no matter who it is from because it is now the hour that we must make sure who we listen to belongs to God, and when we listen we will have to be truthful of our position in the matter instead of saying, “You are right” simply to show we are in the same camp of the person giving the advice. We just cannot lie. If we say “Yes, you are right.”, we know we would be lying out right. Because although we know of the background of the person, we don’t know if the message or advice is true until we have done some research, and until then we could only politely consider, not accept the message or advice and we have been convicted in our hearts to not lie about it. We understand that this does not indicate that if others accept the message without question or conviction that it does not mean that they are wrong or sinful. It is according to their own wisdom or understanding.

I believe pastors and church leaders who find Millennials being all scrutinizing and ‘not listening’ should find comfort in skeptics because then they are more likely to go study God’s Word instead of just accepting the sermon that are being spoon fed to them and when they ask question it is because they want to know the truth. With all kinds of teachers out there and all kinds of doctrines, young people have to be as innocent as doves and sharp as serpents. But maybe we Millennials might be a little too blunt with sharp as serpents part. But scrutiny and skepticism is not faced by faith leaders only in day to day interactions at church and church group meetings. Millennials as a generation are publicly scrutinized on blog posts and YouTube videos. And for the most part we are not defensive about it by posting aggressive retaliation with our own YouTube videos about the issue or explaining ourselves with all the other things that we have been accused for that matter. We were told to not be defensive. We were told to listen. Yes, we did exactly these things. We did not become aggressively defensive and we listened. But we are adults facing circumstances that are 180 degrees different than the circumstances faced by the previous generations, and so we have to do something rational about it. Housing prices skyrocketed? Well, we wait and save. Vacations get exorbitantly pricey? We have staycations. We understand the power of supply and demand, and we put it to good use.

Millennials did not only kill pricey vacations and pretty much junk food for health, but pornography and smoking are low. And I guess, although we are the ones who actually did these, we are probably influenced by older generations. For the good things we did, thanks to our wise elders. To the bad things we did, we need to better ourselves. Marriage, divorce and relationships are still an issue for the entire generation and we still need to improve ourselves in these areas.

Of course, this does not speak for Millennials at the individual level. This post is not for those issues. This post is about helping Millennials become more understood.

And one more thing, Millennials, our name as a generation could be a banner for something even greater: The Millennial Reign of Christ. Maybe if we delight in the Word of God enough, our Millennial name could be transformed into such a greater glory.

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